Monday, September 21, 2009

I Haven't Dropped Off the Earth

I have been doing some (not much) reading and looking at tablescapes, but haven't had a lot of time. Our life has changed drastically during the past month. We have had two of my nieces since the end of August and will probably have the oldest (11 years) in a long term guardianship. The other sister is seven and will probably be going to her daddy's after this week. My youngest sister (their Nana) just moved up North at the end of July and this is breaking her heart since she can't be here for them. However, we are standing in for her and are hoping that we will be granded the temporary guardianship of the oldest.

We have been in a flurry of activity around here making room for them and transforming a bedroom to suit a Tween and the younger one, too. We finally have that taken care of and the girls have settled down to a routine. It seems there isn't time for much else besides school, homework, cooking, washing and spending time with them. We will get back to Playing Dishes, but at the moment, that has taken a back seat.

The girls are very excited about the upcoming holidays and wanted to go all out for Halloween. I had been planning a Boo Bash this year, so we have been in full blown plans for that costume party. I have been thrifting (got to have some ME time---LOL) and have picked up some amazing, cheap props and Halloween decor. I have spent countless hours working up my Halloween notebook like my Christmas and Thanksgiving ones and have started a Halloween blog, too. Our Boo Bash will be the Saturday before Halloween and will include mostly adults, but also some family and close friends' kids.

I have never really been into Halloween, but got excited about a Boo Bash last year. So, this has been in the slow planning stage for about a year. We will have themes for the front yard, front porch, each room in the house, the screened porch and the backyard. It is shaping up to be a ghoulish good time.

I just wanted to drop in and say hello and to let you know I will be back. At the moment, I just don't have time or energy for setting a table outside of the basics. I think we will probably slowly move back into this with some spooky and creative foods and tables in October. It will be a good way to involve the girls.

So, see you soon. Stop by the Haven Haunt for a visit. It is listed in the sidebar.