Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Tomorrow starts Christmas in July and I am so excited. I am a Christmas nut, even more than I am a dishes nut. I celebrate Christmas year round and belong to numerous holiday sites where we observer Rudy Day every month on the 25th, shop and prepare all year long and are some of the closest cyberfriends on the web.

I have a linked photo of my front yard Christmas decor on my sidebar. Please come over and visit me and check out the other Christmas sites. I will be having a giveaway over there that will be announced tomorrow.

There will also be a CIJ dish related giveaway here, too. So, be watching for info.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nothing to be blue about!

Visit Smiling Sally to see her weekly blue photos and links to all the other blue items and bloggers this week.

Some red, white and blue from Flag Day in honor of the greatest nation in the world. Happy 4th of July week!

Me with at a teaparty I had with my niece Audree last week. I took and posted photos of Audree in my Porch and Patio post recently and she told me that I had to post one of me in one of my hats since she was featured on the blog in a hat. So, here I am all dressed in blue.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Drum roll, please! More giveaways...

Wow, I have been doing a lot of blog hopping and reading and have found two more fantastic giveaways. Actually, I have been trying to come up with a party to host and was thinking about doing something for CIJ since I am a Christmas nut. I prepare for Christmas all year, celebrating every 25th of the month as Rudy Day. I will post more later about this and all my dear friends on several boards.

Tonight, I found Traci's blog Beneath My Heart. She has a great blog and it is worth stopping by for some wonderful ideas. She is hosting a Christmas in July giveaway all month long. She is giving away an adorable personalized gingerbread decoration that she makes. One will be given away each Wednesday during July. So click above to find out how to enter!

While I was visiting Traci's blog, I found a comment from Jammi who is also having a giveaway. I have to say that this one really intrigues me. It is a movie about ME! Well, actually, it is a movie called, Confessions of a Shopaholic, but it sounds like my disease. LOL! She is also giving away a red, white and blue bracelet from Cracker Barrel. So, jump over to They Call Me Jammi to sign up. And, don't just enter and leave. Take time to read both blogs. There is some good stuff on both.

Now, I'm back to deciding what to do for all of you for CIJ and my birthday which falls toward the end of July. Hmmm......

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's a blogiversary for April

My new friend April at has had a great first year in blogland and is holding a giveaway. In fact, she is has numerous giveaways. The more you read the better they become. Check out the link for some wonderful items. However, along the way, you will find some wonderful links to other great sites and some new blog friends.
Happy blogiversary, April.

Adorable teapot giveaway--check it out

I was blog hopping and ran into a fun sounding giveaway by Chefmom09.

Be sure to click on the link to see the photos of the adorable cake plate, teapot, expresso cups, coffee cups, plates, scone knife, and creamer. She is relatively new to blogging and is offering these goodies to get people involved in her blog. Drop by and leave her a comment and put a note about her blog on yours to be in the drawing. Be sure to let her know that you heard about it from me.

Happy blogging and good luck!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Pink Saturday


Love pink???

Thanks to Beverly we have a lovely weekly party celebrating all things pink on Saturdays in blogland. Be sure to visit her site for a Pink Saturday for a treat and links to all the other pink delights of the week.
This photo was taken by DD at the Dallas Arboretum last year when she and her best friend and fiance were there to take their engagement photos. It was a beautiful place for the photos and she got some wonderful shots.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

It is time again for Tablescape Thursday. (I hope!) I posted a table last week, only to realize that there wasn't a TT being held. So, I changed the title and left the post. Be sure to check the links out to Susan's blog at Between Naps on the Porch for her wonderful tablescape this week and links to all those participating in Tablescape Thursday. I had planned a family cookout for Father's Day, but after the unexpected death of a favorite uncle, I decided to wait on that party. However, I actually have two tables since we observed Father's Day and Kathleen hosted her wonderful all White Tablsetting event on Tuesday. You can scroll down my blog to see the White Tablesetting photos and links to all the others. (

I wanted something more manly for DH for Father's Day and since he is an avid golfer, I decided to go with the golf theme. Add to that the fact that he was glued to the tv to watch the US Open all afternoon.

Since it was Father's Day and I was catering to Mr. PD and his urge for BEEF, I planned to link to Foodie Friday and realized it is not this week. For some reason I thought this was a weekly event. I am also linking this to Gollum's Foodie Friday. So be sure to check out all the weekly food photos and recipes on the participants.

I just realized that these pictures aren't the final ones of the table. I took these and then realized that I needed to add some golf tees and balls scattered around.

But, you get the idea.



Close-ups of centerpiece decor (found in a thrift store)


DHs very manly steak dinner:


Ribeye steak, mushrooms, loaded baked potato, fresh tomatoes, fresh squash, and a couple of his freshly picked jalapeno peppers. Add to that ice tea and he was all set to enjoy his meal...

...eaten off of an orange plastic tray in front of the tv! Afterall, it was his day. He does enjoy the tables, even though he often complains that the plates are too small!

The photos look a little washed out in color on the tablecloth. It is a light tan. The centerpieces are on top of a black and tan placemat that hopefully added a manly look. The two golf items used for the centerpiece featured a lot of dark green and tan. So, I used my newly found green flatware from GW. I couldn't believe that the entire set was there (16 pieces) and they were just dropped in the containers to be sold piece by piece for 25 cents each.

The napkins match the black and tan checked placemat, but were bought at a different time and thrifting excursion. The green candle holders were from Dollar General after Christmas clearance and the glassware was another GW find.

I got a set of 4 each of the tall glass (too small for tea in my opinion), the small sherbet or dessert glasses, and another cocktail looking glass.

The plates, are black hexagon shaped ones from another find. The table cloth is one that I have had for along time.

The squash came from a friend's garden and the steaks were on sale this week at Kroger.

For some more wonderful views of tablescapes this week scroll down a few posts to see my Let there Be White tablescape at Kathleen's event. You can also click there to see another of Kathleen's wonder tables and links to all the others.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It's time for Thrifty Thursday over at my friend Leigh's place. She holds this event for us to show off something old, something new, or something blue. Well, scratch the blue, it can be any color, as long as it was a thrifty find. Maybe you even found something for free---just be sure to snap a few photos and share with us. Click on the link above and see what Leigh has to over this week and for a list of all the participants this week. We all love thrifty finds and especially love to hear comments about them. Have fun!

This last week I was on the hunt for a teapot so I could join another blog event. In the end, I bought four, but the wonder of this excursion was where I found the first one and also the other bargains picked up there. We have three Goodwill stores and one Goodwill As Is store in the little area of our two twin towns. I visit the GWs often, but have to admit that I am not a fan of the As Is store.

For one thing, it is just a mess of...well junk. The theory is that when it doesn't meet the criteria for the regular stores, it lands in the As Is store. It also is one large metal un-airconditioned building. I usually am at the Goodwill store that is next door after 5 p.m. or on Sunday's when As Is is closed.

But, over the weekend, I found myself there in late afternoon, and thought I might as well check things out.

I decided to make a quick run-through. Did I mention that it was un-airconditioned? I grabbed a basket and started down the aisles. This was not a simple task since the aisles were littered with pieces parts of items and a lot of what I would have thrown away. Well, in fact, most of it I would have thrown away. I found this little flower for $2

I started to leave, but, I was committed and forged on. I found a CD novel that I picked up for my sister's road trip to Nebraska. It turned out to not be the one that was shown on the cover, but it was only $1.

As I was quickly about to melt, I walked toward a large shop fan at the rear, just so I could continue breathing and found a table full of lamps and chandeliers. I have been looking for a light to go over my table and just haven't found anything I really wanted. I found this one on the floor under a large table. I have oil rubbed bronze on my sink and my other two ceiling lights are a bronze looking color.
Hmmm, I really like this one. It's not like I haven't seen one before at Lowes and HD, but this one was sort of lonely and neglected. I picked it up and it looked fine---no cracks or missing globes. The best part was it was $5. So, I added it to the cart. I had a ceiling fan over the table and have really been wanting to change it out to a light. This is a real bargain and fits my more rustic Southwest decor style.

I have been in bed sick for the past several days and was pleasantly surprised to see DH put the light up today. I was so excited until I realized that he didn't wash the light or the globes. Now, I get to reach up to do that. It will have to wait until I feel better. I also only had one light bulb, but just had to post this today. I think it looks pretty good for the price.

This sweating with the oldies might not be too bad.

I kept moving around and headed toward another large fan on the other end of the building. Then I rounded a corner and found this.


As I reached for it, I just knew that I was going to find the entire backside busted, but it was fine. I have no idea why they would have placed this cute little teapot in such a dismal place. And the best part was the $3 price. It was perfect and had found a new home.

I also picked up a 6 foot ficus tree that was dusty and needs a new basket or planter, but is otherwise fine. It was $5.

I offered to buy their large shop fans, but they weren't for sale. I'll probably go back to shop again, but since we have hit triple digits this week, it probably won't be for a LONG time.

Monday, June 22, 2009

White Tablesetting Party

Kathleen is having a party today at Cuisine Kathleen! The invitations requested that all guests decorate a table in all white. What a wonderful challenge this has been. I can't wait to see all the results. I am apprehensive about my table---in fact, I feel like I am about to enter a ball or a prom and am not sure about my gown!

Well, I don't want to be a wallflower, so here goes. I hope you enjoy looking at my table. Don't forget to click on the link above to see what will surely be an exquisite tablescape from our hostess, Kathleen, and many more from all the talented friends here. Be sure to leave us some comments, so we will know who all attended.

When Kathleen first mentioned this event, I wasn't sure if I would participate. I just couldn't "see" something in all white enticing me except for a wedding or shower. Then I started seeing all kinds of things that I thought would be great.


I found a new white tablecloth that I bought after Christmas on clearance and decided that I would attempt this table. I pondered about a centerpiece and finally found this floral arrangement that I really liked.


A close-up view:


I was a little worried about flatware and decided to use one of my two stainless sets. Then I walked into Ross one day and found this Cambridge set and knew that I had to have it. It is so pretty. The box calls it casual, but I think it works nicely on a dressed up table, too.


The handles seemed to wash out with the flash, but they are very pretty with a nice silver looking design. The handles are clear.


Next, I had a dilimna over napkins and napkin rings. I had a new white tablecloth, but couldn't find white napkins except ones that looked plain. I found these at Big Lots when I wasn't even looking for them. Then after going through my napkin rings, I decided on these white ceramic ones with flowers on top. (white on white of course)

I didn't have a full set of white dishes, but planned to use what I had until I found this Gibson set in the Salvation Army Thrift Store. It is so unusual with the over sized, pretty cups. I think they are great for even desserts. The store was about to close when I found them and I grabbed them up. They came from an estate sale and didn't appear to have been used.


That brings us to stemware. Although I had several to choose from, I ran across these again at the SA as they were being unboxed from an estate sale. They were pulling off stickers where they were priced at $5 each. I paid $15 for nine of them. They are very pretty.


I really didn't set out to buy almost everything for this table, it is just when I started thinking white, I realized all the potential for this tablescape and decided that I wanted to be prepared with some items that I didn't have. As luck, or thrifty shopping would have it, I found most items at a great price and pulled together something that I ordinarily wouldn't do. I am very pleased with the result.

I think the white on white is so clean and refreshing. I can see it being used in many settings and look forward to using this table at a dinner party soon.


The candle holders were some that I already had and I just added some tall white tapers.

Thanks for stopping by and seeing me work outside my usual comfort zone. I really love the end result and can't wait to see all the other fantastic white tablescapes. Be sure to stop by Kathleen's blog to see hers and links to all the others.

Thank you Kathleen for inspiring me.


2nd Time Around Tuesday

Diane is hosting 2nd Time Around Tuesday again for us to show off our treasures from yard or garage sales or even something picked up in a thrift store. Anything that is being used for a second time around qualifies for this party. Be sure to click on the link above to see Diane's items and links to other thrifty divas.

I found this ladder at a garage sale recently and decided I had a perfect corner for this. I have thought about buying one in the past, but didn't want to pay a lot for something like this. The price was right for $5.


Teatime Tuesday on the Front Porch

It is once again time to enjoy Barb at Grits and Glamour for her Teatime Tuesday party. Barb is on vacation, but being the gracious hostess that she is, she is still holding this event. In fact, you have a wonderful tour of her party this week as she holds a virtual tea party with decadent looking desserts and beautiful china. This is surely on of the best parties that I have attended.

So, let's move on and take time to

I love tea and have always admired teapots, but have never had one. I used a teakettle to make hot tea. After joining blogland lately, I decided that I HAD to have a teapot or two. I am not into frilly or froo froo things. Don't get me wrong, I love these things, but they are just not me. I love dishes and glassware, but I am more of a homestyle girl. So, while looking for teapots, I kept this in mind.

I set out over the weekend looking for something to use so that I could participate in this event today. I first found a cute little off-white teapot that I practically stole. It was just calling, "Take me home" and I did. But, I haven't had inspiration yet in how to use it or which dishes to pair up with it. So, the hunt continued. I actually bought 4. None of them are fancy or expensive, but they each spoke to me.

I decided to go with the more whimsical one for my first ever blog teatime.

I also found that cute little sign above while I was shopping and just had to have it, too.

I just somehow liked the look of this little teapot. It is nothing special, but something that I instantly liked. Maybe, it is the color.

Here is a close-up of it.


I hope you enjoyed by little teatime today. The tea was great,
but I really have to get busy and do some baking before the next event. I attended the funeral of a favorite uncle yesterday, so this little time for me was very welcome today.

Please be sure to go to Barb's site to view her virtual teatime and access the links to all the other parties.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Yawl, come back and visit us.

Yellow that is not so Mellow

MellowYellowMondayBadgeAnother fun blog with a color theme! I just found another fun Monday event while visiting Blue Monday participants. Hipchickshome had a great double post today that included Blue Monday and Mellow Yellow Monday. What a great combination of colors. In fact, I have a perfect idea for a future Monday involving dishes and a tablescape. (Does that surprise you?)

When I noticed the meme on Hipchick's blog, I knew that I had to take a break from viewing the Blue Monday links to post something in yellow. I just changed this tablescape out yesterday, so I immediately thought of all the yellow in this one.


Although the bright orange in the tablecloth is quite vivid, I just LOVE the yellow placemats and other touches of yellow.

Thank you for hosting this event.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blue Monday and Teapots

Smiling Sally loves the color blue. so, each week she has this wonderful blog event where everyone can post a photo of something blue. Blue is a close second in my love of colors and I am excited to join her party today for the first time. Be sure to click on the link above to see Sally's submission for this week and for links to all the others who participate.

I have a new fascination for teapots. Now, it is important to note that as of last week that I didn't even own a teapot, but I decided that I wanted to change that. So, I went out thrifting with the goal of finding a teapot that I really liked and at a bargain price. I visited numerous places and found many that were wonderful, but had chips, broken spouts or some blemish that I wasn't willing to accept. So, I drifted into several downtown antique stores. There I didn't have much luck.

There is one store that is going out of business after many years in operation in our little town. I spent a long time browsing all the wonderful items that are discounted from 30-50%, but alas, no teapots. However, they did have numerous silver tea service sets, and although I have always admired the beauty of these, that isn't what I want at the moment. I almost buckled and bought one that was very pretty without a lot of the intricate detail that I don't like. But, I decided to stick with my quest for a teapot.

I found several that would have been nice to own, but they just were too "froo froo" for me. So, I continued to look.

I did find one that was rather unusual and it is blue, but I will be showing it off on Tuesday at Barb's Tea Party at Grits and Glamour. So, I decided that I would look for something else to show off today on Blue Monday. Then, I remembered the photos that I had taken while I was out shopping!

I had found a cute blue teapot early in my shopping excursion that I almost bought. It is something that I liked, but I ran across it early and sort of filed it away and forgot about it until I went through my photos. So, I decided to show it to you today. In fact, I just may go back and buy this one for myself.

Here is the little teapot, short and stout
When I didn't buy it, it surely did pout.


Thanks Sally for hosting this event. I can't wait to see all the Blue Monday items this week.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pink Saturday

Hello, fellow pink lovers! This is my first time to participate in Beverly's Pink Saturday. If you aren't familiar with this event, check it out, or better yet, join the fun and post some photos showing anything pink. Some say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I truly believe that honor belongs to all things pink. Pink is such a happy color. I find it hard to be down or our of sorts when I think pink!

Here is a photo of a table that I did around Valentine's Day. I use a lot of red and white and red and black and just plain red for Valentine's, but enough is enough of the Cupid and heart color. I mean, red is so often associated with rage or being mad. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and all things romantic. Since my anniversary is in early February right around V Day, I decided to go for something much more delicate and eye-pleasing for one of my tables.

Another view of table

Closeup of dishes, tureen and cherubs

It was cold and definitely soup weather during that time, so I pulled out a soup tureen and my new (TS find) dishes featuring very pretty pink roses and pulled this table together. The soup tureen and the pale pink tablecloth and the gingham cloth napkins were also TS finds. Gee, after 36 years of marriage, one has learned to be thrifty and to finally enjoy the hunt for wonderful gently used items. In my early years of marriage, I would have cringed at the thought of this---even though money was very tight during the early years as I was finishing school. Now, I thrift store browse and shop because I WANT to. I enjoy the hunt almost as much as the booty.
Even the pink candle holders shown were a thrifty purchase. I picked up several sets of these in the bright pink and also in green from Dollar General at 75% off. They were practically free! Also, the dessert plates (you can see over on the back right hand side of the photos) were found at T.J. Maxx on clearance for $2 for all four!

Although they are much brighter than all the pastels, I think the table needed a little punch..

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pink table. I have many, many more pink things to share and I will be back next week. Thank you, Beverly, for hosting such a fun event. Be sure to click on Beverly's site to see her items and also all the links of other pink enthusiasts.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grilled Pork Loin and Memories of Home Ec

Ooops, I thought Foodie Friday was weekly, but evidently it is not this week. So, I removed the icon for it so you wouldn't all be searching for the other entries this week. I guess I just have to come back next time with a food entry that is intended for this wonderful party.

In the meantime, please take a look at my Thursday night impromptu meal.

Tonight on the Printersdevil's menu is grilled pork loin. Mr. PD received an early gas grill for Father's Day. We gave him the grill early so that he could practice before we host a family cookout on Father's Day. He has been getting plenty of practice this week and we have all told him that he needs to keep practicing every night.

I bought a boneless pork loin earlier in the week and planned to cook it in an electric slow roasting pan. However, I had to take my niece to the doctor today and was gone all afternoon. On my way home, I called and Mr. PD told me that he had just put the pork on the grill. Hmmm...taste buds did an about face turn. No brown gravy and mashed potatoes with this one.

My first thought was that we would be eating very late since it was already late afternoon. I had about a 90 minute drive home, but when I got home, I was greeted by a marvelous aroma coming from the backyard. Next, I was informed that I needed to pull something else together to go with the pork loin because it was almost done. So much for planning.

I had some fresh yellow squash that Mr. PD wanted me to fry. He likes it sliced thin and fried crispy. I sorted through the freezer and located some frozen okra and decided to steam it. It isn't hot enough for okra to be fresh here yet. After dumping the okra into the steamer pan, I realized that most of it was really too big to cook this way, but I was committed and I didn't want to have another fried food. So, I decided to just wing it.

I know that this probably gave the food pyramid thingy fits, but a girl has to do what she has to do. I was satisfied that this would do, when my niece came through the kitchen and told me that she only liked fried okra and didn't like squash.I couldn't feed her only the pork loin. It does look good enough to eat without anything else, but she is only 11 and needs other things.


So, I went digging around the fridge and pulled out a container of parmason pasta salad that we had on Sunday. Miss Audree gave that a thumbs up. I also found a small bowl of some broccoli and rice from earlier in the week. Now, I know this combination is way wrong on the pyramid and old---I mean dear Miss Nesmith is probably remarking, "I knew that girl would never amount to anything in the kitchen. She was my ninth grade home economics teacher and almost flunked me during the first cooking lab.

We cooked cinnamon toast of all things. Pleeeeeeeeease, I had been doing that for years. I don't remember what else we were to prepare, but it had to be planned out and we had to measure everything, even the cinnamon and sugar for each piece of bread. I can still smell the burned bread odor that filled the lab. We had to do everything by the book including setting a timer for the appropriate amount of time to cook. The only thing was----our stove's timer was broken. I wanted to remove the toast at a decent time, but my partner and best friend was one of those "by the book" people, too. So, we waited on the timer, at least until the smoke started filling the room. I probably sat there with my legs crossed at the knees instead of the correct ankle position, much to her disgust. I guess she would have said "chagrin" instead of "disgust".

Poor Miss Nesmith was beside herself with us---me. To her horror, I had to point out that we were just doing what she told us to do. She lived through that and so did I.

I even enjoyed detention hall.

So, you see, it really doesn't bother me to throw things together. I really know how to plan a balanced menu and do so often, but on occasion, it is fun to just be me and be spontaneous especially in the kitchen.

Here is a look at Mr. PD's plate since he decided to eat the squash, okra and the rice with his pork. He evidently didn't have Miss Nesmith for a teacher.


One last thing, we ate off of plastic trays in front of the television. Sometimes you just have to go for comfort in the summer.

For dessert, I went back to the freezer and scavenged up an assortment of ice cream. Everyone had their Blue Bell choice including vanilla, butter pecan, vanilla with chocolate syrup, and strawberry. Everyone was semi-happy, except Miss Audree who would have rather had Rocky Road. I draw the line there! (Read that as I don't like it, so I don't buy it!)

Pork loin, broccoli and rice, squash, okra, pasta salad, iced tea and ice cream. Priceless.

I haven't smoked up the kitchen in years, Miss Nesmith. But, there was that incident right after I got married when I used added baking powder in a cup measurement instead of the required teaspoon or tablespoon that was needed. That was my dear MIL's fault since she read it that way to me over the phone...

It's a wonder Mr. PD hasn't starved to death or divorced me over my cooking. Maybe that is why he grills so often.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing a Foodie Friday moment with me. Be sure to jump over to Gollum's place at the link at the top to view her wonderful food and photos and then to the links to all the other participant's posts. I bet they followed the food pyramid.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Oh my, I feel under-dressed!

It is such an honor to get to celebrate Sares' birthday with her today and to participate in the Blog Costume Party.

I searched and searched for what to wear. My first inclination was to wear something with a hat because I love hats and there are so many to choose from...but then what would I do for the rest of my attire????

Then I realized that I wanted to look like the elegant Queen Guinevere from King Arthur's court in Camelot. I have always loved Arthurian legends and fell head over heels in love with the musical, Camelot, when it first came out. Even now, many, many years later, I know all the songs by heart.

Here is a picture of my wonderful Arthur's castle.

I finally settled on this wonderful gown. It is simple, but very elegant and I believe would even be comfortable. A queen has to mingle with all of the guests when she appears at other's parties.

Come on into the castle and look around before we have to leave to attend Sares' event.

I wanted to make sure that you met the whole court, including my wonderful Arthur.

Now, as we travel to Sares' magical party, I offer a birthday toast to her and all the guests. Enjoy your time at the party and be sure to visit all the other party-goers through the link on Sares' site.

I am so blasted mad at Merlin!!!!!! I have been trying to get to this party all day and he seems to be short circuiting again with his spells. I can see, hear and even smell the wonderful cakes that Teresa brought. Sare's table is divine. But, here I am suspended in Camelot blogland. I can't for the life of me find Mr. Linky and can only blame Merlin. Arthur used to talk about all the spells Merlin did when he was younger. I think he has me suspended in time. Drat, it all, I demand to get to go to this party in person. It is not enough to just watch and hear.

MERLIN, where are you and Mr. Linky?

I just had to come back to edit and add that evidently it wasn't Merlin's fault. I should have gone ahead and posted my costume on my site. I didn't have to find Mr. Linky. Sares had all of our names and links already on her site for the party and all we had to do to meet everyone was to click on their names. Arthur is always telling me, "Jenny, keep an open mind about Merlin." I guess he is right, I should have given him the benefit of the doubt. But, I was having daydreams of all the festivities. I could see and here, but didn't realize that they could click on my site as soon as I put it up.

Thank you Sares for the fabulous costume party. Happy birthday! It was an honor to share it with you.