Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Almost time for Sares' Costume Party

I am still working on the my costume and final details for this exciting Blog Costume Party that Sares at Loveleigh Treasures is hosting starting at midnight on Wednesday.

This sounds like so much fun. I hope to see all of my Blogland favorites there. I just hope that no one is dressed like me. That would be sooooooooo embarrassing. Well, actually, it might be flattering, as long as she didn't look better than me! LOL

Don't forget to get your party duds on and meet us at the party. Remember the party is open only for the 24 hours from midnight Wednesday.

Oh dear, now I have to worry about the time. I don't want to be late. However, the time on all of my posts is way off. I need to figure out this clock thingy here, so I won't be left holding someone's glass slipper.


  1. Thanks for giving out the reminder about the party! I hope you find your costume. I hope nobody has the same thing as me too! I'll be posting my party post later tonight for all to see!

  2. Nice to meet you Felecia. Thanks for coming by Blue Creek Home. I love your blog name. Nothing made me happier than playing house as a child. How cute that we can still play dishes as adults. I've got to read about the costume party - I'm clueless, but it sounds like loads of fun. Rhonda

  3. Hello Felecia. The color combination on your table is so much fun. It just says summer to me. "Playing Dishes" that's very clever :0)