Monday, June 15, 2009

Thrifty Treasures

Every Monday, Rhoda at Southern Hospitality hosts a Thrifty Treasures party. They are always so much fun and provide a great way to show off all those Thrift Store, yard and garage sale treasures. I hope that you enjoy looking at some of my weekly finds. Be sure to visit Rhoda at her site and also the links to the other party participants.

I have a few things that I found during the past week that I can't wait to show off and use. The first is a cool wicker wine bottle holder. I really like the look of it and it was only 99 cents!


Next is a set of china that I picked up a yard sale for $5. I have more china sets than anyone needs to have, but I just really like the colors of this and I have lots and lots of blue glassware. So, it begged to come home with me. It was 4 each of salad plates, cups and saucers, and bowls. I decided that I could use it without the dinner plates. Then when I got home I looked on ebay and found the plates. They were offered at various prices up to about $15 each and there was one listing for four plates at a Buy it Now or Best Offer. I won the bid for all four for $10.


Another favorite of the week was this wicker flatware holder. I thought it would be great for the screened porch. It was only $1.


All in all this was worth the trip to a little town about 7 miles away. The two wicker items were found at the Resale Barn.

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  1. Oh, I love the wicker flatware basket. So cute, thanks for joining.