Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brrrr, it's an Ice Cream Social during CIJ!

Suzy at Kitchen Bouquet is hosting this wonderful Ice Cream Social Weekend for blogland. Click here to go to her party. She started the party with a wonderful tour of photos and graphics of old fashioned ice cream parlors and all things ice cream. Suzy even shared many of her ice cream memories with us. Be sure to check out her post and the links to all the participants in this fun event.

I'm in the midst of my Christmas in July celebration and when I heard about this social, I thought it would be fun to mix this with CIJ. Like everyone else, I have fond memories of church ice cream socials, neighborhood homemade ice cream parties and the special treats of just making homemade ice cream just because.

front view

My earliest memories are of churning the ice cream for what seemed like forever. I remember having to sit on top of the churn atop the wooden bucket to keep it from moving around. We always made vanilla ice cream, but my neigbors were more adventurous and had things like peppermint, chocolate, banana, peach and strawberry. I always loved the flavors, but vanilla was my favorite.

We always used eggs, but in recent years, that became a health hazard, and I started using condensed milk to avoid the use of eggs. I also found many other flavors and styles of ice cream through the year. Still, homemade vanilla is my favorite. I want just it, no toppings, sprinkles, nuts, or other additions. I guess that makes me boring.


However, there is one type of ice cream that I love more than slow churned homemade vanilla.
It is SNOW ice cream. I guess what made it special was the fact that I didn't get to have it often. I grew up in West Texas and although we had our share of snow, it wasn't always deep enough to make ice cream. When I was a young child there were years when my parents wouldn't let us make it because they were afraid of it having radioactive "stuff" in it. I never really knew (or cared) what this was. I was just disappointed that we weren't allowed to make snow ice cream. I remember hearing whispered conversations about the Cold War and fallout.
Shesh, this interrupted a perfectly wonderful childhood tradition.

let it snow

When I was in junior high, my family moved to North Texas and we didn't get snow as often. I felt deprived during the winter. However, when my children were little we had several years in a row where we received lots of snow. It was marvelous for someone who enjoys the snow so much. I was even able to introduce my son and daughter to fabulous snow ice cream.

snow people up close

Close up


bowl with glass

front angle

When my daughter was quite young, she decided that she wanted to make the snow ice cream on her own. She called her Grannie Ida and asked how to make it. Of course, Grannie obliged and off Tracie and Mickey went to find the appropriate amount of snow to make this treat. Recently, I was looking through a recipe box and found that handwritten recipe in Tracie's childish handwriting. It is now a priceless heirloom that I hope to pass on to her children someday. At the moment, Duke, the Mini Pin, is my only grandchild---uh make that grand dog! But, he does love ice cream, just not snow. Maybe we will tempt him to venture out into the snow this winter with a promise of a bowl of snow ice cream.

Tracie and Grannie Ida's Snow Ice Cream
(with the original spelling)

Clean snow
2 table spoons of milk
2 or 3 table spoons of suargar
1 or 2 drops of vanillia

Big bole Stir it up
and if you need more snow put some more milk in it.

Here is a copy of the orignial hand printed recipe. It was written in red ink on a piece of notebook paper. I found it folded up in my recipe box.
Thanks Suzy for hosting this wonderful event. It caused me to remember some great memories and spend this very hot afternoon indoors with the central air cranked down to escape the triple digits heat and dream of cooler weather and snow.

Since I was spending a nice leisurely afternoon in the coolness of the house, I decided to take advantage of my decorated table for my CIJ Tablescape Party this week. featured some snowman dishes. I had the breakfast bar decorated for a small ice cream social that I am having this evening. We are going out to eat with some friends and coming back here for ice cream.

All of this decorating made me hungry, so I expanded the ice cream social to include a lunch for one. I fixed a turkey breast sandwich, with mayo, pepperjack cheese, and red onion. I finished my impromptu lunch off with a Clausen pickle spear and a glass of iced tea. With the heat index at 110 degrees on Friday, a cool sandwich was the perfect addition to my day.



  1. What a great post Felecia! I love the memories that you shared. I grew up in Louisiana so know well that yearning for snow. I used to wake up EVERY morning in the winter and look out the of the window to see if it snowed. YA RIGHT! :-) The handwritten recipe that your daughter did is just precious! I am so glad you kept it all these years. I never have made snow ice cream, but might give it a try this winter. Living here in Washington state we do get a few snows a year! Thanks so much for joining in on the ice cream social. Your idea to bring your friends back to your house after dinner is a great one.

  2. I've never heard of snow ice cream. It is nice to find those old recipes. It brings back such fond memories.

  3. Another one here that had never heard of snow ice cream!! What great memories you have..and to have the recipe written so long ago is just great!

  4. We have plenty of snow, so perhaps I could give this a try. I hope the snow falling from the sky is clean enough to eat! I can't imagine drinking rain water :-) Enjoy your dinner, and your ice cream social tonight.

  5. What a wonderful old recipe to place on your beautiful table. The blue and white combo is lovely and inviting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. That is too funny! How simple life was..well, in some ways!

  7. I love snow ice cream and posted about it back during the winter. Wonderful stuff and wonderful memories!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  8. Finally, someone knows about snow ice cream!

  9. What a fun post! I had never heard of snow ice cream either.

  10. Every one who has commented up to this point has been entered in the drawing for July 25. Thanks for stopping by. I have been jumping over and commenting, but it is so easy to miss someone. This way I am sure about the drawing.

  11. That recipe in your daughter's handwriting is so sweet!

  12. Oh, my birthday is July 25!

    Anyway, we don't get snow here in Florida, plenty of sand, but no snow. Don't think sand would work in this recipe — a little gritty.

    BUT, when I was a teen we had a cabin in Big Bear, California and our neighbor used to make Snow for all us kids. Thanks for bringing this memory back to me.

    As one of my family's genealogists, I just love your daughter's handwritten recipe! These types of things are little treasures for future generations, I know I squeal with delight when I find something like this. Just precious.

  13. I love the handwritten recipe! Those are so very precious. It makes me smile. Snow ice cream was a "cool" thing to share in July! Thanks for sharing your memories.

  14. This is the first time I heard of snow ice cream. That turkey breast sandwich looks delish.. love your dishes!

  15. I love your post, especially the handwritten recipe! Never heard of snow ice cream, hopefully we'll get a lot next winter and I can give it a try! Great looking dishes!

  16. My mother made "snow cream" when we were growing up. I never had the recipe and wished I did, I bet this is how she made it! Thanks!


  17. We always had snow cream when I was little also.This is a great party table , I love it.