Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Enjoyable afternoon playing with dishes

What's not to love about Christmas in July? It's hot outside and I spent the late afternoon pulling out some holiday dishes and playing!!! I hope that some of you have found time to do this and work on a table for this weeks CIJ Tablescape Party to be held Saturday. Mr. Linky will be up on Friday evening.

I have to admit that I have stressed about this all week.

I have not had much focus for the past week after losing our beloved dog Blackjack and then DHs only brother, but usually, an afternoon by myself and I am good to go again. Late this afternoon, Jim went to the golf course for the first time in several weeks since his asthma has flared in the heat and humidity. For an daily golfer, he has been cooped up for too long. Then the loss of Blackjack last week was tough on all of us. Add to that the anniversary of our son's death was Monday of this week and we buried his brother today. So, things have been far from normal in our home lately. He needed an afternoon out and I need him to have an afternoon out!

I thought that I would enjoy the afternoon plotting a table for this week's event. Then, I realized that I didn't have a clue which large plastic tub my Christmas tree dishes were stored in. All of the Christmas tubs are together and I assume it is one of the bottom ones due to the weight, but sheesh there are so many of them. The shed was so hot when I ventured that direction this afternoon. I pulled two large tubs out in to the yard and browzed through the contents. It was fun looking at all the Christmas goodies in the awful heat, but there wasn't a thing I could use for a table. I just couldn't figure out how to use any of the 8 different advent calendars. For the life of me I don't know why I have so many. These are all still in the plastic wrapper and new!

I guess I have to admit that I am a shop-o-holic in addition to a dish-o-holic. Or, make that a bargain-o-holic. I just can't pass up a good bargain. That is why I have enough new tablecloths, napkins and plastic chargers in red, maroon, silver and gold to open a store. But, that is another story.

I set up this weekly blog event for CIJ Tables and now I can't get to my dishes that I want to use this week. So, I had to shift gears and come up with something else. I have all my snowmen dishes stored in a cabinet in the garage so, I can fall back on those for this week. In fact, that will be appropriate since it is supposed to be back in the triple digits and the thought of snow will be fantastic by Saturday.

Now, I just have to plot a way to convince DD to help me drag out all the huge Christmas tubs next week to find the Christmas tree dishes for the following week. She is on a cruise this week and should be nice and rested for just such a task. Don't you agree? Surely, Tracie, will agree, too.

After digging through the tubs I pulled out, I retreated to the air-conditioned house and a large glass of iced tea. I then braved the even hotter garage and pulled out the snowmen. Actually, I had a box of snowmen stoneware right there in the house because I bought it just yesterday at Goodwill! I told you I can't pass up a good bargain. They were new and unopened and they marked a couple of dollars off because a cup handle was broken. I ignored the fact that I have way too many snowmen dishes already.

But, I was on a mission and pulled out all the snowmen and snow people. Now, I just have to find something to use for a centerpiece for them. I set up a table this afternoon using the new GW find, but really was grasping for a centerpiece. What I used was a stretch. I have lots of snow things, but they are in one of those tubs out in the shed. Hmm...., I guess I need to label things better this year. I even have a new large lighted snowman that I bought to use on a table. It is still in the original box and I couldn't find it either. So much for organization.

I pulled together a a snowman table and I plan to enjoy it for a few days. I have had some strange comments from friends over the CIJ tablescape from over the weekend, just wait until they see the snowmen there now.

I came up with some good ideas for the holidays with the other sets of dishes, if I can find the stored items to go with them. I know that I have them, it's just finding them...

I also am processing some ideas for some different kinds of tablescapes for the remaining CIJ parties. This afternoon was the best therapy in the world. I had fun and my dog, Duke, didn't complain about anything.

Please add your tables to the party on Friday or Saturday or at least stop by for the fun this weeked. Remember there is a giveaway of a Christmas tablecloth to be given after the final party on July 25.



  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your hard week. (((hugs)))

  3. It does sound like this has really been a heartbreaking and trying week. I am so sorry for all of your losses. I have looked through all the dishes I have and I don't have any Christmas dishes. That is just something I never bought. I have asked a friend to be a guest post. She is looking to see if she can find her things in the garage too. If not then I will definitely join in the fun of looking at what everyone else does. It will surely be great eye candy. Hugs, Marty

  4. Welcome Dish Diva, Joyful Chaos and Marty39. Please come back often and don't forget the party each Saturday in July. Info is on the sidebar. You all have been entered in the July 25 giveaway.

  5. Wow! Sounds like you've been busy!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  6. Updated giveaway list up through here. Thanks everyone for stopping by today.