Friday, July 3, 2009

CIJ Tablescape Party #1


I hope I am not the only one at this week's party. Invitations were sent out late and it is a busy July 4th weekend. However, I wanted this to be a month long event and the weekend seems to be the best time for Playing Dishes for me! Hopefully, some table divas will break down their red, white and blue tables and repurpose the red and white into a holiday table. Or, maybe some will find time to creep inside to the airconditioned house and browse through their Christmas photos in an attempt to de-stress from the heat and Independence Day busy activities. Tablescapes are timeless when captured in photographs, so share some of your festive holiday table decor for our Christmas in July Tablescape Party.

I had a death in the family early this morning and did not get to work on my table. But, tonight, I decided to pull something together since I had this all ready to post with Mr. Linky.

This week I am displaying my new Farberware Christmas Treats dishes. I bought these on a 75% clearance at Big Lots in early December. The had been $20 for a placesetting for 4. There were two sets left so I got the service for eight for $10! I liked them because they are not the traditional bright red.

Table view from above
CIJ table 1table from above

The plates are more of an off white color and feature a border of holiday ornaments on the outside rim area. The ornament colors are primarily burgandy and dark green. The set came with the dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls and coffee cups.

CIJ Table 1 close up of placesetting


I had planned to use a floral centerpiece, but I didn't feel like having to uncrate it from my storage. So, I used this little wooden Santa sleigh that is also in the same colors of the dishes.


Sleigh centerpiece
CIJ table 1 sleigh

I bought the sleigh last week at an estate sale for $3. I tried several items in the sleigh, but nothing looked right, so I decided to leave it empty. Maybe it is at the end of Santa's deliveries, or before the elves load it on Christmas Eve.

Another view
CIJ table 1 another view

My tablecloth and matching napkins were also an after Christmas clearance item. It is the same rich burgandy color. The stainless flatware is a set that we found in the top of my late MIL's cabinet in a wooden storage box. It is very vintage looking. I can't make out the name on the back, since it is in a scrolly typeface. The clear glassware belong to a set that I have had for years.

This view of the wooden sleigh centerpiece also shows my Christmas tree in an urn. This little tree has been up all year in the corner of my eat in kichen area.

CIJ table 1 centerpiece and tree in background

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at a CIJ Tablescape for week one of the party.
It will be a nice change of pace for breakfast in the morning.

If you are unable to participate in the CIJ Tablescape Party by Saturday, go ahead and link your photos in sometime during the long weekend, so we can enjoy a few minutes of Christmas cheer in July.

Remember the next three parties will continue on July 11, July 18, and the final event will be held on July 25. Each photo participant will have their name added twice in the giveaway drawing for a new holiday tablecloth and once each for adding the meme and a shout out about CIJ Tablescape Party. A random drawing will be held for this on Sunday, July 26 as Christmas in July enters its final week for 2009. If you would like to be included in the giveaway and don't have a CIJ tablescape to show, leave me a comment for one entry and/or place the meme on your blog about this event or give the event a shout out on your blog for one entry each. Be sure to let me know if you add the meme or shout out. The shoutout and comments and new tablescape photos can all be done each week for more chances to win.

I just wanted to get Mr. Linky up and running in case there are other tables tomorrow. Hopefully, a few will have time to post for this week.

If you are participating in the CIJ Tablescape Party, you will be using Mr. Linky to allow your wonderful table to be viewed from your site by all visitors to this blog party. Mr. Linky is easy to use.

Please publish your CIJ Tablescape Party photos and information post to your blog and then stop by this blog post and put your name and the permalink to your tablescape post into the Mr. Linky's sign up box.

In case you aren't sure what a permalink is, read on for information. It is a direct link to your post, as opposed to your general blog address. If someone visits Playing Dishes days or weeks after the blog party and clicks on your link, they will be taken directly to your tablescape post instead of having to search through your most recent posts to find it. It is really a very neat tool!

There are two ways to get your permalink. One way is to click on the title of your current CIJ Tablescape Party post, then right click on the URL address showing in the address field at the top. Then paste this link into Mr. Linky which will be available below. Click on "Enter" and you are all done! You will see your permalink posted.

Or, another way to add your permalink for Mr. Linky is to right click on the title of your current CIJ Tablescape Party post, select "copy shortcut" and then paste this link into the URL box on the Mr. Linky sign-up.

Clear as mud? It really is simple. Remember you are adding your URL to your post of this week's entry in the CIJ Tablescape Party.

Be sure to also copy and add the meme photo from the top of this post to the top of your post. That will allow viewers to know that you are participating in this week's Christmas in July Tablescape Party.

Mr. Linky is below!


  1. Love the sleigh centerpiece and ytour dishes are beautiful

  2. Beautiful dishes and I love the little sleigh. Happy 4th. Hugs, Marty

  3. Lovely dishes! I enjoyed seeing Christmas in July...

    Happy Pink Saturday!


    Sheila :-)

  4. Lovely!! Did you have the pics or you so organized you just popped out your Christmas and threw it together? I bet it's the last!
    How nice! I Love Christmas!! We are having unseasonably cool and not humid weather here in NC so this 4th I'm lovin' summer!
    Hugs, Lisa

  5. These dishes are new (bought after Christmas last year) and were still in the box. I just pulled them out and threw this together. I will have a new table with different dishes each week of the CIJ Tablescape Party. Come back and visit and better yet, join the fun with a table of your own.

  6. I didn't know a thing about this until today. So sorry because i would have liked to play along. I will try to do it next time.
    Your table looks delightful..
    xo bj

  7. Your dishes are pretty!
    I linked an evening from Christmas 2008. My youngest and I make dinner for friends each Christmas. My husband helps too but it's our night.
    I always say if Max doesn't want to do this anymore, I'm done. Can't do it alone. Our friends bribe him all year. It is a special time.
    We are already working on 2009 table and menu ideas.

  8. Very pretty, I will look through my pics for next weeks party! Cindy

  9. Very pretty. Boy Christmas will be here before we know it! My daughter and were just talking about that yesterday! It's only about 4 1/2 months until I start decorating for Christmas!!

  10. Hey Felecia.. Thanks for dropping by.. and for the invite. Sorry about the delay in returning the comments.. been a busy week at Jadehollow so I'm trying to do a lil catch up tonight. This looks like alot of fun.. I'll have to start pulling some of my Christmas things and join in one day.
    Again.. Thanks for the invite and great luck on your party each week.

  11. Great idea to have a CIJ! I think I have some pics from last Chirstmas, I'll join in soon!


    P.S. - Sorry about the sadness you've had over the holiday.

  12. This is a great idea! I had a death in my family and will be gone next couple of days. Then I have 4 grandchildren all under 5 to keep. I try maybe next week. I can always do my post I did Christmas, I guess. I try and think of something! Thanks for inviting me over. Love the dishes and the sleigh! I know hubby will not go up and pull out my Christmas! lol Well Maybe! lol

  13. EVeryone from here up have been added to the July 25 drawing for a Christmas tablecloth. Wow, this takes a long time since I had to check for shoutouts and memes and leave comments. I have also recorded and added all the ones in the post below.

    Work on those CIJ Tables for this weeks party!!!!

  14. Thank you for the invite but I will not be able to participate in this event. I know you are just getting to know me so I will explain why--I'm going to make a long story short-We sold our home,in the Mdwest-hubby is in school, my parents asked us about moving in with them to help them out and to free up our expenses so he could work less and be able to finish school. We sold almost everything we owned, packed a truck with our remaining items and moved to Fl. So all my pictures are packed in boxed and I can not easily get to anything. Thanks for the invite. I LOVE CHRSITMAS but I just own't be able to.

  15. I so wish I had been in on all this fun all month! love the sleigh and love your Big Lot finds..$10!! God was smilin' on ya.

  16. Wow, the table is beautiful. The dishes are beautiful and that's the kind of bargin I love. And the sleigh, soo cute . You are so creative. 8-)