Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to CIJ Tablescape Party--- Week 2

Thank you for stopping by to visit my Christmas in July Tablescape Party---Week 2. I love Christmas and I love dishes, so this party was a perfect match to help get through the hot month of July. The party will continue each Saturday this month, so please come back and participate or to at least visit us.

As the guests, arrive, they will post a link at the bottom of this post on Mr. Linky to allow you to click to see their wonderful tables for Christmas in July. Be sure to check back throughout the weekend since some may be late in arriving. Be sure to leave comments for everyone since we are unable to see our guests. It is nice to hear that you were here.

An added bonus for just stopping by today is an entry in the July 25 CIJ holiday tablecloth giveaway. I will contact the winner on Sunday, July 26.

Enjoy your visit to each wonderful blog and the tablescapes.

It is so hot in Texas during Christmas in July that I like to think about cooler weather and the possibility of snow. I love snow, but we don't get a lot of it where I live, so I have to pretend and play with my dishes. I have four different sets (some are portions of a set)of dishes that feature snow in some form.

Today, we are going to cool down with a table featuring a cute snowman family on off-white stoneware. I actually found this set this week at Goodwill!

I ran up to a florist in a town a few miles from my home (a friend runs it) and made a quick stop in GW.

You know that you are addicted to thrifty shopping and dishes when you can't drive by a GW or other thrift store without stopping. Although I have numerous other sets of snow people dishes, this one was too cute to pass up. It was new in the box, but had a broken handle on a coffee cup. It was marked $10, but I pointed out the broken cup and they sold it to me for $8. Not bad for a place setting for four.


CIJ Table 2


The tablecloth is a solid dark blue and I decided to use my newly acquired varigated blue handled flatware. (I have been using them way too much, but I really like them.)I found them at Big Lots. The varying shades of blue look nice with the shades of blue in the dishes. IRL the colors are perfect together. The photos look a little off.

I have numerous choices of blue glasses and stemware, but I had the most trouble finding one that looked all right. These are a dark blue that is a very pretty shade.

Snowman figurine and blue stem

Even though I am hosting this CIJ Tablescape Party, I didn't have my Christmas things readily available. My dishes are mostly accessible, but things for accents and centerpieces are all packed and stored away. I found the two little blue snowmen in a small plastic container that I had put in the top of the closet, but couldn't decide what else to used for a centerpiece. Then, I thought why not just use a white candle since this is a snow scene. It is not very creative, but was the right shade since the dishes are not a bright white. I placed it on one of my everyday salad plates and flanked it with the snowman pair. It's not the greatest or most creative, but it worked for me today.


Close-up of place setting

I used a set of off white napkins with blue frosted glass napkin rings.


DH was at the golf course while I was playing with this table. He came in hot and exhausted from the heat and I asked if it was snowing at the golf course. He looked at me like I had gone over the edge and then immediately looked at the table and said, "Only in here!"

You've got to love a man who goes with the flow of Christmas dishes all during July and with the main room clock playing Christmas carols on the hour. Now, if he will just buy me a pressie on the 25th...

He also has been tolerant of that little tree in the corner behind the table. I never took it down. I just loved the colors with my room, so it stayed. This month I have another small tree sitting on the fireplace ledge, too.

Add to that a Christmas table a week this month and even one of my ice cream parties during the next several days has a Christmas in July theme. DH just shakes his head and says, "Whatever you want dear..."

DH taking an early evening snooze after a hard day on the golf course!

I love that man!


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Happy CIJ blogging!


  1. Hi Felecia,
    I love blue Christmas decorations! They always seem to create such an air of serenity. The fact that it's such a nice cool color probably makes it even more appealing when it's used during a HOT "Christmas in July!"

    I was going to work on a holiday t'scape last night, but had unexpected guests. I'll try to have something ready to share this weekend -- if not, definitely next Saturday.

    Thanks for hosting -- looking forward to seeing what happens!


  2. You're right, it does look so cool and crisp. It's hot here today too, middle 80's. Snowmen are one of my favorite decorating themes for Christmas. You got a great deal on those dishes!

  3. Oh, I love your gorgeous new snowmen dishes. They are so cute. Such a pretty table. Now having that tree up really looks like Christmas. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  4. Hi Felecia, Your tablescape is just lovely!I love all of the blue. My dishes are packed away but I think I have some posted from last Christmas. Can I use them? Those salt and pepper shakers are adorable.

  5. Love this -- still pondering what I can do - most of my things are packed away -- I'll try for next weekend.

  6. I love Christmas and collect old fashioned Santas. When I get one as a gift in the middle of summer I don't pack him away. He stays out on the mantle until Christmas rolls around and he joins the rest of his kind. In January they get packed up.
    People do wonder why I have them out in July.

  7. Love the Snowman dinnerware and there's that darling blue flatware I'm in love with! I've always went with the traditional red for Christmas .. but this year I'll be going all out using blue and silver. I hope to get to mine before the party ends.. I've been itching for an excuse to get it out and play.
    Thanks for hosting.. Have a great weekend.

  8. Whew! I made it Felecia, I made it! LOL

    I hope you like what I did because I so love your table! So cute! I love this!

  9. Cute snowman themed table! Those plates are really nice and your tablescape cools things down with the summer heat. Your DH should take a break from golfing, it obviously wears him out! LOL!


  10. You are one lucky lady! Those dishes are such a great find and a great bargain! Your table is so cute (surely it at least made your husband feel cooler when he came in from all of that work on the golf course!) Thanks for hosting this fun event. laurie

  11. wow this is the third time i have seen christmas in july. i used to have christmas in july for the kids as their birthdays were all on the same day---dec 25--three of them. one single and one set of twins. but they got older and married and didn't care anymore. i miss those days.......

  12. i like the title too playing dishes. that is what we used to call it as kids and even my grand kids say the same thing.....well have a wonder ful blue pink saturday......

  13. I enjoyed seeing your snowmen dishes! Love the pretty blue color scheme!

    Thanks for hosting CIJ!


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  15. Felecia, I love your snowman dishes! And the blue is beautiful!

    So many beautiful many ideas!

    Thanks for hosting!


  16. Great idea for an event! I know how hot it is in July in Texas (I'm from Louisiana!). My Dad is a golfer and does so in the heat of the day even in summer and I always ask him how he stands the heat. He says you have to "Think Cool" lol. So I guess that's what you're doing. Love your little snowmen plates! Can't wait to see what you do for the Ice Cream event. I went to check out the other blog and wow...she is fancy! Looking forward to hers as well. I'll link up!

  17. That was a great find! You put it all together wonderfully!
    And yes, you are lucky DH goes along with this..
    But it may make you all feel cooler down there in the heat of TX. It went into the 40's here last night. Unusual!!
    Thanks for hosting..I will be here next Sat.

  18. All visitors with comment up to this point have been added the drawing.

  19. Great dishes! I love the blue! I just posted my link today, but had it posted on Saturday...we were at the lake.


  20. another GW score....$8...couldn't leave them there. I love the way you did all the blue and I like the is perfect and simple.

  21. I have always loved snowmen ,& your Snowman theme table is just lovely. I like to decorate with the snow theme and use my snowman dishes in January.