Friday, July 24, 2009

CIJ Extra Seating Table

After viewing all the wonderful tablescapes, be sure to attend Maggi's CIJ Party on Saturday, July 25 at Just Add Glitter and Stir. Click for a direct link to her party and all the participants over there.

This is my fifth and last table for my CIJ Tablescape Party---Week 4.

I bet you thought my last week of CIJ tablescapes would never end! This is it (except I still have to do something with that breakfast bar for the two little ones--maybe I will decorated the coffee table since they are two and almost one year old. It would be more their size.

This card table is covered with a bright gold holiday cloth and has alternating red and green chargers topped with white Gibson plates. I had planned to alternate the colors of the napkins for consistency, but I could only find the green ones.

In the background is my main table which is set for four. On the day of the dinner, I will expand the table to seat six. This extra seating card table will probably remain in this spot for the dinner.

The clear goblet/wine glasses are some of my favorites. They are a nice size and have a pretty shape where liquid goes into the actual stem. On this table to add to the gold theme, I used a set of dark gold tumblers and my everyday flatware.

The centerpiece is a wooden musical Mr. Christmas Advent Calendar. I received this in an advent swap on the old Organized Christmas website before the forums were removed. Those forums evolved into two boards that are very active today. I remain active on both Our Home for the Holidays and Magical Holiday Home boards. There is a link to both in my sidebar.

This advent calendar is beautiful when fully decorated. I should have added the ornaments to the table for photos, but I knew that this table has to come down until the day before my dinner next week and I just didn't take the time to decorate it. The tiny ornaments fit in all the little holes on the tree. It is musical and revolves to the Christmas carols.

This wonder advent tree was given to me in that swap by Marge, who also has a table here this week. This is her third week to participate in the CIJ Tablescape Party. We have never met IRL, but met online through our love of Christmas.

You can see where the little ornaments go in this photo. I think that Marge has excellent taste and I will always treasure this wonderful gift.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting our final week of the Christmas in July Tablescape parties. I have enjoyed this month of events and hope that you have too. Be sure to check out all the links on Mr. Linky for more wonderful tablescapes.

Remember that the giveaway Christmas tablecloth will be done on Sunday. Good luck to everyone!

There is also a link at the top of the page to a wonderful CIJ party that is being held at Just Add Glitter and Stir on Saturday. Be sure to click on the logo and enjoy all the fun there. Maggi will have links for all the participants.

Merry Christmas in July!



  1. Equally as pretty as the main table! Great coordination! Love it!

  2. Your main table is stunning and so is this one. I love the mix of gold, red and green. It definitely says Christmas. The tree centerpiece is so pretty and just the perfect size for the table. Everything is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  3. LOVE the green tablecloths and napkins. The centerpiece is so unique!

    Thank you for coming by. I am thrilled!

  4. You did an amazing job on all the tables!
    That was a lot of work..
    A big round of applause for you!

  5. Another great table! That tree is darling and lovin' the colors...

  6. This is another great table ,so pretty. I love the advent tree.