Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christmas In July Tablescape Party Week 3

Welcome to the third week of my Christmas in July Tablescape Party! I hope you are enjoying these events as much as I am.

This week I decided to add a little of Christmas whimsy with a touch of elegance to my table. I am using a newly acquired set of dishes that I bought at Goodwill. These dishes had been there on the shelf for several months. I have to admit that I looked at them early on and thought they were cheesy Valentine's dishes. They were on a bottom shelf and stacked with dinner plates, salad plates and bowls on top. The top bowl was the one that is labeled Cupid. So, you see, I thought they were Valentine plates. I never bent down for a closer look since I thought they were a strange color for Cupid and Val Day. I wasn't even interested enough to pick one up.

So there they stayed for months, just collecting dust. Last week the local Goodwill was cleaning and dusting and rearranging things and the set of dishes got moved up to a higher shelf. This time, I paused to look at the figure on the Cupid plate and realized that it was a reindeer!

How could I have missed these? Well, I guess the important thing is that they were still there that day and now belong to my dish-ease! My friend from the Garden Web forum, Bettyd z7 va, recently used this term and I love it.

I put a leaf in my table today to have a little more room. I really hate to hassle with them unless I have company. I am pleased that I chose to do this today.

The tablecloth is an after Christmas clearance from Walmart in a gold color. I used a set of gold chargers with a scalloped edge that I think set off the plates nicely. I then layered the dinner plates with a bowl on top for salad and the dessert plate to the upper left of the setting.

Here is the Comet place setting.

I used an off-white set of napkins that features a gold glittery swirl and gold Christmas tree napkin rings with my everyday flatware. I really need to invest in a set of gold tone flatware!

The gold stems were found at Big Lots in the spring and the clear goblets were another recent Goodwill find.

For a centerpiece I added a glass gold star candy dish in the center of the table flanked by tall gold metal Christmas tree candlesticks and added a roll of gold lacy Christmas ribbon intertwined around the items.





Now if I just had the matching plates for Donner, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen I would have a great table to use every month on Rudolph Day on the 25th!

I hope you have enjoyed today's tablescape. Be sure to click on the links below to visit all the other participants' tables. Please leave us a comment so we will know you stopped by. Remember, comments left on my blog result in another entry in the July 25 Christmas tablecloth giveaway.

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  1. What a cute set of dishes. I love that you went elegant with them. Hope you find the others.

  2. Great dishes, so unique! Your tablescape is lovely with all the gold/cream coordinated. I REALLY like those Christmas tree pillar candleholders! Thanks for hosting this great party! I enjoyed doing a 'scape for it this week!


  3. Felecia, that is such a great find! And your table is lovely set in gold. So pretty and shiny... LOL I'll have to check our local Goodwill again for some more Christmas dish-ease!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. These dishes are so cute! I know that you'll have great fun with these "Valentines - Christmas" dishes! Thanks for you visit - I had fun.

  5. The Christmas dishes are just wonderful. I havn't seen those before, but they are just perfect. I love them. Your tablescape is perfect. Everything is done so well. Hugs, Marty

  6. The glittered glass ornaments, I just used craft paint and gold/silver glittered craft. Pour a few drops inside, add a few drops of water in the paints to thin it. Then pour a few drops of the paint inside the balls and swirl it around until well coated. You can recoat up to three times, but drying time is the pits, so patience is very important. Use empty egg cartons for dumping out excess paint. For extra glitter, brush on glue before you put the top on and sprinkle on iridescent or colored glitter.

    As for the White Elephant Party, we just tell the guests to bring gifts no one would want but nothing gross. We play relay games and the winner of each game, picks out a number that matches one of the gifts and at the end of the party, they can vote to swap numbers or stay. Then the gifts are distributed and opened. The best gift we had was a box of doggie treats but it so happened none of us had a dog! It was great!

  7. I love the dishes! And the gold colors...just beautiful!

  8. love it that you blew them off but they waited just for you!! they are really neat. Being a NASA wife, I love Comet!!

  9. I love the reindeer dishes.The elegant gold really looks great,& is a good contrast to the whimsical reindeer. It is a beautiful table.