Friday, July 24, 2009

CIJ Dinner Kid's Table

After viewing all the CIJ tablescapes listed on Mr. Linky, be sure to visit Just Add Glitter and Stir for another fabulous CIJ party on Saturday, July 25. Maggi~katamommy has a gret party planned and there are lots of partying bloggers lined up to share the holiday spirit with you.

This is the kid's card table for my CIJ family dinner. I needed something simple for the little ones, so it is without any frills. All kids love snow and snowmen and I thought they would get a kick out of these dishes in the middle of the summer.

The tablecloth is a dark green topped with burgandy placemats edged in green. I have four card tables and had to try our several to find one that worked with the size of the placemats. I didn't realize that there was that much difference in the size of these tables.

Since these nieces and nephews range in age from five two ten, this simple table should work just fine. I have already used part of the green flatware, but it is a nice match for this table. So, I used the salad fork and a small spoon. The little ones shouldn't need a knife and the smaller fork will be perfect for them.

I used my green cut glass footed glasses to give them something special. They are on the rather heavy side, but I think they will be fine and the kids will enjoy them. The smaller juice version of these is being used on my main table for fruit salad. I have plenty if the kids want one for their fruit salad. There just isn't a lot of room on the square card table. The color looks off on the glasses, but it is a nice match IRL.

I couldn't decide what to use for a centerpiece, so you are seeing a plain look with only the matching salt and pepper shakers in the center of the table and some photos with a wooden sleigh with the S&P containers inside. The sleigh is a little big for the table, but I am leaning toward leaving it for the kid appeal.

Thanks for visiting and viewing my fourth table for the upcoming CIJ family dinner.

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Enjoy CIJ this weekend!



  1. I love it! It's so festive and homey. The green and burgundy looks great together, and those dishes are so pretty.

    Merry Christmas in July!


  2. The kids will love it! The plates are adorable!

  3. This is really nice &I think the kids will be thrilled!