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Christmas in July Tablescape Party--Week 4

After viewing all the wonderful CIJ tablescapes on Mr. Linky below, be sure to visit Maggi~katamommy at Just Add Glitter and Stir for another great CIJ Party on Saturday, July 25. Just click on the link to be transferred and visit Maggi and all the participants for more CIJ fun.

Join us for a blog party!

Welcome to my Christmas in July Tablescape Party---Week 4. This is the final week for this event for the year. I want to thank each of you in advance for all your support. I was hesitant to spread this party out over an entire month, but since so many are vacationing and busy, I thought it would be best to give everyone a wider time frame to pull together Christmas tablescapes. I have to admit, that it has really been a stretch for me to find enough for all my tables without having to go through all my stored holiday decor.

Let me just say that I have a substantial number of huge Rubbermaid tubs, countless boxes of trees, ceramics, decorations, and ornaments, tinsel, etc. I really thought I was smart when I invested in tubs that were color coordinated for the seasons. I have a few older ones that I have always used for Christmas that don't match, but they are such staples that we know they include Christmas stuff. Let's just say that I am a Christmas nut and leave it at that! I guarantee that I will add a contents list to each tub this year when I put things up---or better yet, I will number each tub and save the contents list on my computer so when I NEED something in July, I don't have to get a heat stroke trying to find it.

I have done a table each week of the parties and even made a Christmas-snowman themed tablescape on my breakfast bar for an ice cream social that I attended in blog land recently. It was the same week that I had a blue and white snowman table for this party. Afterall, the hostess has to be a participant each week.

It has been a lot of fun, but I did find myself digging through some of the Christmas tubs looking for something to add to finish off a table. I live in Texas and let me tell you that it is HOT here in July and all my tubs are stored in an un-airconditioned shed, so this was not the highlight of these parties. We are having a cool front at the moment and are back in the upper 80s and 90s, but the weather has been in the triple digits for awhile. It is really feeling like Christmas is coming.

I am a big thrift store shopper and I lucked into two new sets of holiday dishes this month and immediately put them to use for the party.Thus, saving me some digging for things to use for two weeks.

If you have missed some of the fun this month at Playing Dishes, just scroll down through my posts to see each week's party. Don't forget to also look at the links to the other participants' tables, too. Remember, I had an extra tablescape at an ice cream social between week 2 and 3 parties.

We love comments, so please leave us one before you leave. Speaking of comments, I will be giving away a beautiful Christmas tablecloth this Sunday. I have a large container of names of everyone who has participated with a CIJ tablescape, left me a comment, or posted a link on their blog about this party. Like I said, the container of names is HUGE. It outgrew the original teapot container. So be sure to check back on Sunday to see who won.

Now, it is time for Christmas in July. I have five tables this week!!! Yes, bloggers, that is cinco.

You can see that I haven't finalized my place cards yet, because I am waiting to add your name, too!

I am going to post my main table first. It is all set and ready for my CIJ family dinner that will include turkey and dressing and all the trimmings. My youngest sis is moving to Nebraska at the end of the month and won't be here this Christmas, so we are celebrating early. I had planned to have this on July 25, but had to postpone the dinner until next weekend due to some family conflicts. But, the tables are set and ready. I will have to wash the dishes and reset things at the end of next week, but I am leaving things ready on the main table and the screened porch tables. The two card table settings were pulled down right after I took the photos to show you. I have things boxed up and ready to set up again next weekend. I will also be resetting the breakfast bar with a snowman theme for the two littlest relatives. I will do something similiar to the one from the ice cream social minus the white tablecloth. (I actually have still another set of snowman dishes that I might use for the little tikes.) Next weekend, I will add another leaf to the main table and expand it to seat 6. I just don't like the look of it and don't want to use all the extra space this week. So, at the moment it is set for only four.

I will be having 20 for dinner. That is six at the main table, four on the screened porch, two card tables of four each and the little tykes at the breakfast bar.

This week I am using my wedding china on the main table. I started with a green Christmas tablecloth and gold chargers. Next, I layered the dinner plate, salad plate, bowl, and finally little juice glasses that I will use for fruit salad. I am not very traditional, but wanted to used more of the dishes in my set. The ornament place cards (from Bed Bath & Beyond) were placed on the bread plates.

If you visited the party last week, you will recognize these gold Christmas tree candle holders. I was looking for something to elevate the gold angels and they worked nicely.

I also used the same gold wired lacy ribbon again because it also worked with the new table.

Since I am such a thrifty shopper and love to repurpose things, I didn't think you would mind me using some of the same things with different dishes and a new tablescape.

I used an assortment of glassware. The gold wine glasses were a Big Lots find and the green goblets came from Pier 1 on an after Christmas clearance. I drove to Dallas to find enough of them since I didn't find them until they were almost all gone.

Here is another view of the table and the angels. I just love them. I found them recently at Goodwill for $6 each. I thought that was too much, but I do love them.

You can see the beautiful green color on the Pier I glasses in this shot. They were worth the extra effort and drive to Dallas---to four stores to find enough.

Thank you for stopping by today and all the other weeks for my Christmas in July Tablescape Party. I enjoyed all the photos and comments left. I can't wait to see all the tables submitted this week. Remember, that I will be linking four more tables to Mr. Linky from me. Please don't skip over them and think that I just goofed. They are each different.

I knew that this post was going to be long, so I decided to submit each post separate. I will be posting the tea party one from my Christmas Memories in My Heart blog, since it is my post over there because I shared info about this little teapot earlier in the week there.

Have a wonderful Christmas in July!

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I have five Christmas tables this week since I am decorating for a IRL party for 20. I didn't want to put them all in one post since that is like looking at a novel. So, each on is in a separate post, one right after the other for a total of four. The fifth one is on my Christmas Memories in My Heart blog at
However, in the interest of making it easier for you, I linked each individual post to Mr. Linky, too. So, you can view what you want.
Thanks for stopping by my party.


  1. This is really beautiful! I love all the gold! And how wonderful of you to host Christmas next week for your sister! That is so sweet!
    And kudos to you for working in the heat!

    I wouldn't even know where to begin to find my Christmas mess in the attic.
    This sounds like such fun though, I'll have to be prepared next year!

    Have a Joyous Christmas celebration with your family!
    All the best,

  2. Felecia, your table is lovely, lovely! I love the colors, especially the gold. I am crazy for gold. Everything is just so pretty.

    Thanks so much for hosting this event.

    Merry Christmas in July,

  3. Gorgeous! I love the table and Christmas and gold go hand in hand!

  4. Beautiful table Felecia. The gold and green is lovely together and so classic. I was very excited about Christmas in July but I just wast't organized enough to get it together. I've enjoyed hearing how much you enjoyed it!

  5. Felecia, I have linked up three I doing something wrong?


  6. You have done a marvelous job hosting this fun event! Your tablescapes are all just great! Love the gold angels, chargers, etc.

    Thanks for hosting! I've enjoyed seeing all of the CIJ tablescapes!


  7. I made it, I made it! LOL

    I love those angels, so pretty! Thanks for the weekly fun, Felecia!

  8. I have five Christmas tables this week since I am decorating for a IRL party for 20. I didn't want to put them all in one post since that is like looking at a novel. So, each on is in a separate post, one right after the other for a total of four. The fifth one is on my Christmas Memories in My Heart blog at
    However, in the interest of making it easier for you, I linked each individual post to Mr. Linky, too. So, you can view what you want.
    Thanks for stopping by my party.

  9. Howdy. Thanks for bringing me over to see your christmas in July. I think perhaps it is more commonly celebrated in the US than in Australia? I love christmas! but i find it so tyring, money and time consuming, that i dont think i could do it twice a year :)
    I hope you enjoy hosting your christmas party of 20 :)


  10. Love the gold Angels. This table is beautiful. Can i come for Dinner?

  11. Merry Christmas and I just adore the tablesettings!!!! Stunning!!!

  12. Thanks for hosting this fun event. Your Christmas tablescape is fabulous! I love the combination of green and gold, and those angels are so pretty.

    Merry Christmas in July!


  13. HO HO HO!

    I came in from the warm and sun,
    To find that Christmas has begun!

    What a fabulous tablescape! I am so in love with those green goblets!

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Rest of Your Year!

  14. I laughed at your description of christmas in tubs of rubbermaid-we just might be related! I actually sneak decorations out of a few closet spaces in the boys' bedroom so i can get a head start on veterans day (I know i know crazy right?) But the family makes me wait til after thanksgiving dinner til i start really decorating!
    Your tablescapes are great!
    Hace a lovely holiday!
    xoxoxox Rhonda roo

  15. Merry Christmas in July! Just stopping by from Maggi's. You tables are fabulous! :)

    <3 Gina

  16. Just hopping over from Maggi's. Your tablescapes are gorgeous! Love the gold and green mixed together. Merry Christmas in July and thanks for having me over! Stop by for a visit sometime - the door is always open.
    ~Bella (Beauty Does Matter)

  17. I love your table! Merry Christmas :)

  18. Your table scapes are fabulous!!! Very Merry Christmas in July!!!


  19. What a beautiful Christmas table!!!

  20. girl, you should have seen me trying to make my post link this a.m. I could not remember which 1 of you was partying...I didn't catch on to that I was suppose to link to both parties. So glad you clued me in to linking in to both, Felecia...duh.

    Love your posts, looks like you like dishes as much as I do!! Merry, merry, merry!!

  21. Hi Felicia,
    Like everyone else who has commented, I love the gold in your 'scape!

    Thank you for the sweet comments on my post. I woke up early thinking I needed to come up with something (and FAST). I'm so appreciative that you've hosted CIJ and hated not to participate. Thank you again for involving us in such a special event.

    I'll look forward to visiting your blog frequently. Take care, and HAPPY Christmas in July!!!

    P.S. I've really enjoyed your Christmas music --- great selections!

  22. wonderful and festive table! love the music!

  23. That green and gold really looks fabulous! What a beautiful table you put together. Merry Christmas in July!

  24. Hi,
    I love this table , it very beautiful.The green and gold are great together.The Angels are fabulous(love that good will). Merry Christmas in July!
    ps I have linked to your party list 8-)

  25. Beautiful post!! Merry Christmas in July!!

  26. I am a thrift store addict! Went today and bought a vintage Christmas tablecloth! Love your dishes and tablescape.

  27. I found some Christmas dishes in my cabinet, so I've just posted two CIJ tablescapes! Better later than never!

    This has been so much fun! Thank you for hosting!


  28. Your dishes are so pretty and the table looks lovely!
    I would have driven for those glasses too..
    I have no idea what we are supposed to do besides find your other tables.
    I only did one, so I linked that correct?
    Have a wonderful dinner with your family!

  29. Ohhh how beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I love this post!

  30. Merry X'mas! Beautiful table setting! I love that you repurpose and buy from thrift stores - so green! :)

  31. I was wondering how many days til Christmas! To see it in print caused pause!

    I just couldn't get my act together to be a part of this neat blog party.

    Enjoyed seeing the ones that participated. Surd gives me great ideas.

    Have blessed wk-end,

  32. what a beautiful setting WOW!!! Merry Christmas in July

  33. Sorry for being late,I'm still trying to finish visiting.
    The table setting is lovely.
    20 people,wow,sounds like my dinner parties.
    Merry Christmas!